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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Margaret Marple, 7 books
Ruth Maran, 7 books
Yvonne Johnson, 6 books
Sally Preston, 5 books
Robert Ferrett, 5 books
Timothy J O'Leary, 5 books
Linda I O'Leary, 5 books
John Preston, 5 books
Michael Halvorson, 4 books
Wally Wang, 4 books
Pamela R. Toliver, 4 books
Iris Blanc, 4 books
Sharon Anne Fisher-Larson, 4 books
David W. Beskeen, 3 books
Michael J. Young, 3 books
Diana Rain, 3 books
Joe Habraken, 3 books
Joseph W. Habraken, 3 books
Elizabeth Eisner Reding, 3 books
William R. Pasewark, 2 books
Thomas J. Cashman, 2 books
Maria Reidelbach, 2 books
Laura Acklen, 2 books
Julia Kelly, 2 books
Michael Young, 2 books


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