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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. B. Kincer, 48 books
State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, 32 books
Martha E. H. Rustad, 28 books
Chris Oxlade, 19 books
Terry Jennings, 18 books
Anita Ganeri, 17 books
Alex Appleby, 16 books
Jillian Powell, 13 books
Claire Llewellyn, 13 books
Nikki Bundey, 12 books
William James Burroughs, 12 books
Storm Dunlop, 12 books
Julie Murray, 11 books
United States. Department of Agriculture. Radio Service, 11 books
Nancy Dickmann, 10 books
Judi Barrett, 10 books
Michael Allaby, 10 books
Sally Lee, 10 books
Joanne Randolph, 9 books
Daisy Meadows, 9 books
Robin Kerrod, 9 books
Edward Aguado, 9 books
Ann Herriges, 9 books
Jim Pipe, 9 books
Chris Arvetis, 9 books


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