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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ballou, Hosea, 19 books
Elhanan Winchester, 10 books
Thomas Whittemore, 7 books
Peck, John, 7 books
Hanson, J. W., 5 books
Lemuel Haynes, 5 books
Chauncy, Charles, 4 books
David Thom, 4 books
Neal Punt, 3 books
Thomas Baldwin Thayer, 3 books
Matthew Hale Smith, 3 books
Mather, Samuel, 3 books
Priest, Josiah, 3 books
James Relly, 3 books
Ernest Cassara, 3 books
Charles A. Howe, 3 books
Philip Gulley, 3 books
John Borland, 3 books
Jacob Wood, 3 books
Abner Kneeland, 3 books
Otis Ainsworth Skinner, 3 books
Walter Balfour, 3 books
Nathanael Emmons, 2 books
Josiah Spalding, 2 books
Adin Ballou, 2 books


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