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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Lardas, 4 books
Gordon L. Rottman, 4 books
Kevin Dougherty, 3 books
Adam Hook, 3 books
Harry S. Laver, 3 books
Dominic Tierney, 3 books
Thomas H. Henriksen, 3 books
Jason W. Warren, 3 books
Chris McNab, 2 books
Sahr Conway-Lanz, 2 books
Immerman, Richard H., 2 books
Catherine A. Welch, 2 books
Ron Field, 2 books
Don Troiani, 2 books
Walter J. Boyne, 2 books
Alan Axelrod, 2 books
William Thomas Allison, 2 books
Beth Bailey, 2 books
Adrian R. Lewis, 2 books
Donald M. Snow, 2 books
Casey Kuhlman, 2 books
Donald A. Davis, 2 books
Gerald Astor, 2 books
Edwin A. Martini, 2 books
Annie Jacobsen, 2 books


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