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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kent A. Dodge, 13 books
V. Valković, 7 books
Ranjit Kumar Chandra, 3 books
Robert F. Keefer, 3 books
Richard M. Smith, 3 books
Ivor E. Dreosti, 3 books
G. V. Iyengar, 3 books
J. Låg, 3 books
Ananda S. Prasad, 3 books
Dalway J. Swaine, 2 books
Benjamin W. Haynes, 2 books
H. J. M. Bowen, 2 books
Maurice Pinta, 2 books
Peter Zubovic, 2 books
James F. Lawrence, 2 books
Eric J. Underwood, 2 books
Hans Kalm, 2 books
Reeves, R. D., 2 books
Vincent Sauchelli, 2 books
Walter Stiles, 2 books
Morrison, George H., 2 books
Wai-Yee Chan, 2 books
Adrianne Bendich, 2 books
M. Parkany, 2 books
Ivan C. Smith, 2 books


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