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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marshall, Joseph, 6 books
Frances Densmore, 5 books
Luther Standing Bear, 4 books
Madeline Baker, 3 books
Kenneth Lincoln, 3 books
Ella Cara Deloria, 3 books
Linda Baxter, 3 books
Cassie Edwards, 3 books
William K. Powers, 3 books
Fools Crow, 3 books
Rodney Johnson, 2 books
Krista Janssen, 2 books
Paul Goble, 2 books
Thomas E. Mails, 2 books
S. D. Nelson, 2 books
Henry Kisor, 2 books
Julian Rice, 2 books
Black Elk, 2 books
Jill St. Germain, 2 books
Ross Alexander Enochs, 2 books
Harry W. Paige, 1 book
Paul N. Pavich, 1 book
Alexander B. Adams, 1 book
John E. Kolstoe, 1 book
Rachel B. Dunning, 1 book


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