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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ron Pierce, 6 books
Daniel Boward, 5 books
J. DenBeste, 4 books
Geoffrey E. Petts, 4 books
Greg Pyers, 4 books
C. E. Cushing, 4 books
Brian A. Whitton, 4 books
Reiko Amano, 4 books
David M. Stagliano, 4 books
Duncan L. Hughes, 4 books
F. Richard Hauer, 4 books
Molly Aloian, 3 books
Richard A. Maltby, 3 books
William S. Platts, 3 books
David Dudgeon, 3 books
Tim Palmer, 3 books
Barry L. Johnson, 3 books
Neil Morris, 3 books
Michael T. Barbour, 3 books
Steve Parker, 3 books
S. M. Haslam, 3 books
JoAnn Early Macken, 3 books
Gene E. Likens, 3 books
Brandy L. Berkbigler, 3 books
Robert W. Plotnikoff, 3 books


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