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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alan Bryman, 6 books
Christine P. Dancey, 5 books
M. J. Norušis, 5 books
Dennis Howitt, 4 books
William E. Wagner, 4 books
David Kremelberg, 4 books
Andy P. Field, 3 books
Morgan, George A., 3 books
M. J. Norušis, 3 books
Darren George, 3 books
Earl R. Babbie, 2 books
Lee A. Kirkpatrick, 2 books
Jeremy J. Foster, 2 books
Marija J. Norusis, 2 books
SPSS Inc., 2 books
Nancy L. Leech, 2 books
Brian C. Cronk, 2 books
Jeremy J Foster, 2 books
SPSS Inc, 2 books
Robert C. Gardner, 1 book
Paul Mallery, 1 book
Basant K. Puri, 1 book
David S. Moore, 1 book
Ronald H. Heck, 1 book
Duncan Cramer, 1 book


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