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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kirk, David, 32 books
Joanne Randolph, 24 books
Sylvia A. Rouss, 19 books
Claire Archer, 18 books
David Kirk, 17 books
Chamberlin, Ralph Vary, 17 books
Darren Shan, 15 books
Herbert Walter Levi, 15 books
Eric Ethan, 11 books
Sandra Markle, 10 books
Alexander Petrunkevitch, 9 books
Rod Preston-Mafham, 9 books
Arthur Merton Chickering, 8 books
Norman I. Platnick, 8 books
Ken Preston-Mafham, 8 books
Felicia Law, 7 books
J. H. Emerton, 7 books
Jill C. Wheeler, 7 books
Claire Llewellyn, 7 books
Jason Cooper, 7 books
Colin Wilson, 7 books
Steve Parker, 7 books
Louise Martin, 7 books
T. Thorell, 6 books
Therese Shea, 6 books