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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Sumner, 52 books
Daniel Webster, 40 books
William Henry Seward, 27 books
Joshua R. Giddings, 26 books
Stephen Arnold Douglas, 25 books
Calhoun, John C., 24 books
Clay, Henry, 21 books
William Darah Kelley, 17 books
Wilson, Henry, 17 books
Justin S. Morrill, 15 books
Stephen A. Douglas, 14 books
John Armor Bingham, 14 books
Sherman, John, 13 books
Mann, Horace, 13 books
John Quincy Adams, 11 books
Owen Lovejoy, 10 books
William C. Rives, 10 books
Collamer, Jacob, 10 books
Cox, Samuel Sullivan, 10 books
Lewis D. Campbell, 10 books
Thaddeus Stevens, 9 books
William M. Stewart, 9 books
Lewis Cass, 9 books
Harlan, James, 8 books
James R. Doolittle, 8 books