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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Godwin, 5 books
H. G. Wells, 4 books
Al Worden, 4 books
Franklyn M. Branley, 3 books
Gregory Vogt, 3 books
William Nephew, 3 books
Norman Mailer, 3 books
Bea Uusma Schyffert, 3 books
David S. Michaels, 3 books
V. A. Egorov, 3 books
Colin Burgess, 3 books
David M. Harland, 3 books
Andrew Chaikin, 3 books
Martin Caidin, 3 books
Hergé, 3 books
Michael Collins, 2 books
Elizabeth Raum, 2 books
Elizabeth Hudson Goff, 2 books
Valerie Bodden, 2 books
Smith, R. A., 2 books
Carroll Lane Fenton, 2 books
Erik Bergaust, 2 books
Tony Simon, 2 books
Chiranjibi Shrestha, 2 books
Leslie Greener, 2 books


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