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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anthony Fairclough, 5 books
R. W. Kidner, 5 books
Terry Gough, 4 books
Les Elsey, 2 books
Stanley Creer, 2 books
P. Ransome-Wallis, 2 books
O. S. Nock, 2 books
G. D. Beecroft, 2 books
G. A. Pryer, 2 books
George Thomas Moody, 2 books
Kevin Robertson, 2 books
Colin J. Marsden, 2 books
Owen, Nicholas, 2 books
Jim Evans, 1 book
J. A. Rowe, 1 book
Hugh Ballantyne, 1 book
John A. M. Vaughan, 1 book
Derek Cross, 1 book
Cecil John Allen, 1 book
Brian Haresnape, 1 book
Ivo Peters, 1 book
H. Norman, 1 book
George Hollands, 1 book
Nicholas Owen, 1 book
Hay, Peter, 1 book


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