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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peyo, 36 books
Peyo, 10 books
Yvan Delporte, 8 books
Art Mawhinney, 2 books
Jan Lindenberger, 2 books
Tina Gallo, 2 books
Kelly Asbury, 2 books
Stacia Deutsch, 1 book
Matt Murray, 1 book
Rhody Cohon, 1 book
Joel Martone, 1 book
Joyce Losonsky, 1 book
Farrah McDoogle, 1 book
Maggie Testa, 1 book
Antoine Buéno, 1 book
Natalie Shaw, 1 book
Ilanit Oliver, 1 book
Roland Gossens, 1 book
Don Messick, 1 book
Joseph Barbera, 1 book
Y. Delporte, 1 book
Margarita Zires, 1 book
Davide G. G. Caci, 1 book


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