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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sean O'Reilly, 3 books
Greg Farshtey, 2 books
Peyo, 2 books
Dave Roman, 1 book
Ken-ichi Sakura, 1 book
Gwen de Bonneval, 1 book
Michel Rodrigue, 1 book
Satoshi Yamamoto, 1 book
G. Willow Wilson, 1 book
Nina Matsumoto, 1 book
David Nytra, 1 book
Guillaume Dorison, 1 book
Greg Erb, 1 book
Thomas Barichella, 1 book
Aaron Ehasz, 1 book
Joey Weiser, 1 book
Joshua Sternin, 1 book
Yuma Ando, 1 book
Noriko Ogiwara, 1 book


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