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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
F. W. Evans, 59 books
Shakers., 26 books
Richard McNemar, 17 books
Alonzo Giles Hollister, 16 books
Edward Deming Andrews, 14 books
Daniel Fraser, 10 books
Ann H. Gabhart, 9 books
John Dunlavy, 8 books
June Sprigg, 7 books
M. Catherine Allen, 6 books
H. L. Eads, 6 books
Anna White, 6 books
Harvey L. Eads, 5 books
Henry Clay Blinn, 5 books
Lomas, Geo. Albert, 5 books
William Dean Howells, 4 books
Martha J. Anderson, 4 books
Giles B. Avery, 4 books
Deborah Woodworth, 4 books
Shakers, 4 books
Smith, James, 4 books
J. P. MacLean, 4 books
Flo Morse, 3 books
Clara Endicott Sears, 3 books
Johnson, Theodore E., 3 books


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