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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Francine D. Blau, 7 books
Janet Henshall Momsen, 5 books
Francesca Bettio, 4 books
Debra Efroymson, 4 books
Buddhadeb Biswas, 4 books
Rosemary Crompton, 4 books
Lori Jones, 4 books
Jane L. Parpart, 3 books
Carlos Prieto, 3 books
Richard Anker, 3 books
Sara Horrell, 3 books
Isabella Bakker, 3 books
Helen I. Safa, 3 books
Maria Mies, 3 books
Robert Jarvenpa, 3 books
Karen Tranberg Hansen, 3 books
Kimio Itō, 3 books
Naila Kabeer, 3 books
Helena Sumiko Hirata, 3 books
Susan Pinker, 3 books
Barbara F. Reskin, 3 books
Brigitte Aulenbacher, 3 books
J. van Doorne-Huiskes, 3 books
Olivia Harris, 2 books
Simon Duncan, 2 books


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