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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrew Young, 9 books
Jennifer Weiner, 4 books
Dariel Telfer, 4 books
Eleanor Herman, 3 books
Yongjiu Zhang, 2 books
Ŭn-sik Yi, 2 books
Eleanor Catton, 2 books
Zaria Garrison, 2 books
Paul Slansky, 1 book
Shelley Ross, 1 book
Young, Andrew, 1 book
Juliet Williams, 1 book
Amjad Ḥusain, 1 book
Montgomery Blair Sibley, 1 book
Charles Mergendahl, 1 book
Rochelle Alers, 1 book
S. Wise Bauer, 1 book
Edward Sorel, 1 book
Grace Metalious, 1 book
Orin Starn, 1 book
Jake Arnott, 1 book
Frank Mort, 1 book
Lora Leigh, 1 book
Jian Li, 1 book
John Solomon, 1 book


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