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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Claire Cook, 5 books
Patti Callahan Henry, 4 books
Gina Holmes, 4 books
Karen White, 3 books
Jennifer Weiner, 3 books
Crystal Andrus, 3 books
Gail Straub, 3 books
Sonya Sones, 3 books
Danielle Steel, 3 books
Claudia Sternbach, 3 books
Andrea Buchanan, 3 books
Elizabeth M. Harbison, 3 books
Melanie Gideon, 3 books
Chevy Stevens, 3 books
Jacqueline E. Luckett, 3 books
Mary Alice Monroe, 2 books
Susan Mallery, 2 books
Alison Strobel, 2 books
Lena Nelson Dooley, 2 books
Jennie Shortridge, 2 books
Mariela Dabbah, 2 books
Ellen Meister, 2 books
Brett Ellen Block, 2 books
Dawn Marie Daniels, 2 books
Kaya McLaren, 2 books


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