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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
GREGG, 10 books
LESLIE, 9 books
Eileen Jackson, 4 books
Margaret Harradine, 4 books
John Harrison, 4 books
A. Clark, 4 books
Kath Butler, 4 books
Carolyn Andrew, 4 books
Marian Clough, 4 books
Jean Davenport, 4 books
Anna Kennedy, 4 books
Susan Smith, 4 books
Jan Whitehead, 3 books
Bea Holmes, 3 books
A. Clark, 3 books
Charles E. Zoubek, 3 books
John Robert Gregg, 2 books
Geraldine Taylor, 2 books
Louis A. Leslie, 2 books
Paul Bailey, 2 books
Derek Stananought, 2 books
A. Newington, 2 books
Gilbert Kahn, 2 books
Andrews, 2 books
Jeffrey R. Stewart, 2 books


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