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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Guillaume Dorison, 4 books
Trina Robbins, 3 books
Donald B. Lemke, 2 books
Scott Nickel, 2 books
Henry Gilroy, 2 books
Paul Tobin, 2 books
Blake A. Hoena, 1 book
Jeremy Barlow, 1 book
Geoff Johns, 1 book
Mike Carey, 1 book
James Kochalka, 1 book
Jonathan Maberry, 1 book
Dan Jolley, 1 book
Lars Jakobsen, 1 book
Grant Morrison, 1 book
Various, 1 book
Alan Burnett, 1 book
Salvador Larroca, 1 book
Matt Fraction, 1 book
Brian Ralph, 1 book
Hope Larson, 1 book
Arie Kaplan, 1 book
Gene Luen Yang, 1 book
Steven Cummings, 1 book
G. Willow Wilson, 1 book


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