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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrew Cotton, 6 books
Mansoor Ali, 4 books
T. Asano, 3 books
K. K. Chin, 3 books
Bob Reed, 3 books
Thomas A. McMahon, 2 books
D. Schoenen, 2 books
Lee, 2 books
Brian L. Finlayson, 2 books
Louise Ferrante, 2 books
Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, 2 books
Robert M. Clark, 2 books
Nick Grant, 2 books
Mark Moodie, 2 books
W. O. K. Grabow, 2 books
D. Ballay, 2 books
A. G. Dahlberg, 2 books
Jeffrey Q. Adams, 2 books
Su Ling Cheng, 2 books
M. Sohail, 2 books
Jonathan Rouse, 2 books
Margaret Ince, 2 books
Jerrold J. Troyan, 1 book
Nancy Kete, 1 book
Anthony F. Gaudy, 1 book


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