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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zach Meston, 10 books
Rusel DeMaria, 9 books
J. Douglas Arnold, 7 books
Robert J. Schwalb, 6 books
Corey Sandler, 5 books
Monte Cook, 4 books
Reed, 4 books
Chris Pramas, 4 books
Alan Averill, 4 books
Chuck Wendig, 4 books
Tom Badgett, 4 books
Greg Stafford, 4 books
Justin Achilli, 3 books
Joseph Carriker, 3 books
Aaron Acevado, 3 books
Chris Burns, 3 books
Richard Farrese, 3 books
Will Hindmarch, 3 books
Ray Fawkes, 3 books
Jess Hartley, 3 books
Howard Ingham, 3 books
Erik Peterson, 2 books
Casey Loe, 2 books
Mike Ferguson, 2 books
Russell Bailey, 2 books


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