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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Harold Schuller, 18 books
Norman Vincent Peale, 12 books
Catherine Ponder, 5 books
Mike Murdock, 4 books
Florence Littauer, 3 books
Paul H. Dunn, 3 books
John C. Maxwell, 3 books
Henry Cloud, 3 books
Robert A. Schuller, 3 books
Creflo A. Dollar, 3 books
Mary C. Crowley, 2 books
Sterling W. Sill, 2 books
John Tesh, 2 books
Stephen Arterburn, 2 books
Wayne W. Dyer, 2 books
Zig Ziglar, 2 books
J. Carl Laney, 2 books
Pat Williams, 2 books
Muñeca Géigel, 2 books
Kirbyjon Caldwell, 2 books
Harris, Herbert, 2 books
Adrian Rogers, 2 books
Jay Strack, 2 books
Wade Cook, 2 books
Joel Osteen, 2 books


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