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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Concordia Publishing House., 4 books
Dave Adamson, 3 books
Jill Sciacca, 2 books
Steven Hunt, 2 books
Van Seters Virginia a, 2 books
Fran Sciacca, 2 books
Paul Hopkins, 1 book
Barbara Allaire, 1 book
Bill Jones, 1 book
Michelle Anthony, 1 book
Carl Koch, 1 book
Lee Vukich, 1 book
Edward McNulty, 1 book
Cathy Mickels, 1 book
Carol Fiddler, 1 book
Mark Oestreicher, 1 book
Schultz, 1 book
Greg Johnson, 1 book
Tony Campolo, 1 book
John Hunter, 1 book
Betty Devries, 1 book
Mary Loeks, 1 book
Donna Bobb, 1 book
Jane L. Fryar, 1 book
Todd Clark, 1 book


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