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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Herbert Benson, 9 books
Edmund Jacobson, 7 books
Elizabeth Verdick, 4 books
Wilson, Paul, 4 books
Hideo Takaoka, 4 books
Bonnie Pendleton, 3 books
Susannah Marriott, 3 books
Jay Winner, 3 books
Sona, 3 books
Vidyamala, 3 books
Bernard Gunther, 3 books
James Hewitt, 3 books
C. Eugene Walker, 2 books
John D. Curtis, 2 books
Ronald Dunton, 2 books
Dorelle Heisel, 2 books
Jane Whitbread, 2 books
Marcel Rouet, 2 books
Leslie O. Korth, 2 books
Dietrich Langen, 2 books
Josephine Langworthy Rathbone, 2 books
Jane Madders, 2 books
Margrit Segesman, 2 books
John Harvey, 2 books
Miller, William H., 2 books


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