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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Russell D. Lansbury, 5 books
Thomas A. Kochan, 4 books
Eric Batstone, 3 books
Greg Bamber, 3 books
Laurent Bélanger, 3 books
Harry Charles Katz, 3 books
W. Craig Riddell, 2 books
Richard Allen Lester, 2 books
Sumner H. Slichter, 2 books
Gérard Hébert, 2 books
Bernard Gazier, 2 books
W. Clay Hamner, 2 books
Harold W. Metz, 2 books
John A. Fossum, 2 books
John W. Budd, 2 books
Craig, 2 books
H. Krahn, 2 books
Daniel P. Randazzo, 2 books
Gérard Dion, 2 books
Peter F. Drucker, 2 books
Nelson Lichtenstein, 2 books
Eckart Hildebrandt, 2 books
Anil Verma, 2 books
Arthur A. Sloane, 2 books
C. V. Corless, 2 books


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