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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael Carotta, 4 books
Yvette Nelson, 3 books
Frank Chacon, 2 books
Ken Save, 2 books
Jane E. Arsenault, 2 books
Jean R. Cedor, 2 books
Carl Haywood, 2 books
Terry Butler, 2 books
Jim Burnham, 2 books
Juanita Ryan, 2 books
Dale Ryan, 2 books
Mohamed Amin, 2 books
William G. Rusch, 1 book
Harold W. Attridge, 1 book
Abdullah Yusuf Ali, 1 book
Martin Dibelius, 1 book
William Russell, 1 book
Barbara Allaire, 1 book
Bo Ivar Reicke, 1 book
Anees Zaka, 1 book
Harald Tambs-Lyche, 1 book
Carl Koch, 1 book
Chaim Stern, 1 book
Alva J. McClain, 1 book
Thomas Forsyth Torrance, 1 book


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