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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David E. Armstrong, 4 books
Lorna Lloyd, 4 books
John Redmond, 4 books
Günther Doeker-Mach, 3 books
See Seng Tan, 3 books
Finn Laursen, 3 books
Sisir Gupta, 3 books
J. D. Armstrong, 3 books
Viktor Georgievich Kulikov, 2 books
Antonia Handler Chayes, 2 books
Iris Mabel Laredo, 2 books
Amry Vandenbosch, 2 books
Herbert Corkran, 2 books
Louis J. Cantori, 2 books
Elmer Plischke, 2 books
Guy Arnold, 2 books
Jane Boulden, 2 books
Ian Bache, 2 books
Mark Beeson, 2 books
Emilian Kavalski, 2 books
Abram Chayes, 2 books
Ludger Kühnhardt, 2 books
Michael Haas, 2 books
Hiro Katsumata, 2 books
Mark W. Zacher, 2 books


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