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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
S. Ramaswamy, 20 books
S. Mukherjee, 16 books
Mukherjee S., 12 books
Sushila Ramaswamy, 7 books
Steven T. Ross, 6 books
James A. Medeiros, 5 books
Michael Roskin, 5 books
Arthur Banks, 5 books
Robert L. Cord, 5 books
S.K Sharma, 4 books
Walter S. Jones, 4 books
Peter Burnham, 4 books
Lloyd I. Rudolph, 3 books
Tibor R. Machan, 3 books
Schott Gareth, 3 books
Susanne Hoeber Rudolph, 3 books
William F. Grover, 2 books
David Weigall, 2 books
Janet Ford, 2 books
Joseph G. Peschek, 2 books
Roger Burrows, 2 books
Usha Sharma, 2 books
Michael MacKuen, 2 books
Aidan R. Vining, 2 books
Ira Sharkansky, 2 books


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