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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen King, 4 books
Jason Glaser, 3 books
Norman L. Macht, 3 books
Jeff Savage, 3 books
Lew Freedman, 3 books
Jim Brosnan, 2 books
Tori Carrington, 2 books
Bill Libby, 2 books
Milton J. Shapiro, 2 books
Hal Butler, 2 books
Lynn M. Stone, 2 books
Harris, Mark, 2 books
Mark Rucker, 2 books
Roger Kahn, 2 books
James W. Bennett, 2 books
Bill Deane, 2 books
Sidney Offit, 2 books
Jay H. Smith, 2 books
Ralph L. Horton, 2 books
Ron Darling, 2 books
Mitch Williams, 2 books
Jay Feldman, 2 books
Bill McMillan, 1 book
Mary Boone, 1 book
Martha Eads Ward, 1 book


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