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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen King, 10 books
Marilyn Monroe, 3 books
Bert Stern, 2 books
Norman Mailer, 2 books
Anthony Summers, 2 books
Gloria Steinem, 2 books
James Haspiel, 2 books
George Barris, 2 books
Ted Jordan, 1 book
Kamei, Shunsuke, 1 book
André De Dienes, 1 book
Anne Plantagenet, 1 book
Don Wolfe, 1 book
Nancy Maniscalco Miracle, 1 book
Lena Pepitone, 1 book
Edwin Palmer Hoyt, 1 book
Mark Ricci, 1 book
Robert F. Slatzer, 1 book
Charles Hamblett, 1 book
Marjorie Rosen, 1 book
Ronald Kessler, 1 book
Ron Roy, 1 book
Carl E. Rollyson, 1 book
Lois W. Banner, 1 book
Paul Buhle, 1 book