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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bryant J. Cratty, 10 books
Ronnie Lidor, 4 books
Norma Banas, 3 books
André Lapierre, 3 books
Meier, John, 3 books
Carol Stock Kranowitz, 3 books
Lucille M. J. Linde, 3 books
Anthony J. Coletta, 2 books
Kay Alicyn Ferrell, 2 books
A. J. Kirshner, 2 books
Pauline Desrosiers, 2 books
Ernst J. Kiphard, 2 books
Harold Wiener, 2 books
Regine Theile, 2 books
Giselle B. Soubiran, 2 books
Keith E. Beery, 2 books
Walter Volpert, 2 books
Marian Jenks Wirth, 2 books
Jeanne V. Ackerman, 2 books
Betty Lowndes, 2 books
Jean Fisher, 2 books
Carol Owens, 2 books
Patricia Polcyn, 2 books
Jack Capon, 2 books
Jack J. Capon, 2 books


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