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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gertrude Chandler Warner, 159 books
Charles Tang, 65 books
Charles Dickens, 30 books
Robert Papp, 18 books
Lemony Snicket, 16 books
Brett Helquist, 14 books
David Cunningham, 13 books
Gena Showalter, 12 books
Anthony Horowitz, 11 books
James Patterson, 11 books
Michael Kupperman, 11 books
Hodges Soileau, 11 books
Maryrose Wood, 10 books
Julia Golding, 10 books
Cassandra Clare, 10 books
Rick Yancey, 10 books
Lauren Oliver, 10 books
Lucy Maud Montgomery, 9 books
Lauren DeStefano, 9 books
L. A. Meyer, 7 books
Catherine Jinks, 7 books
Morris Gleitzman, 7 books
Christopher Edge, 7 books
Dan Poblocki, 7 books
Sara Raasch, 7 books


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