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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Philip Arthur Watson, 11 books
G. V. Black, 6 books
W. Harry Archer, 5 books
John Sayre Marshall, 5 books
Chapin Aaron Harris, 4 books
Edward H. Angle, 4 books
John Tomes, 4 books
William H. O. McGehee, 3 books
Tomes, John Sir, 3 books
T. W. Widdowson, 3 books
Lloyd Baum, 3 books
Peter Rechmann, 3 books
H. M. Pickard, 2 books
H. C. Killey, 2 books
Louis Irwin Grossman, 2 books
J. O. Andreasen, 2 books
Rodrigues Ottolengui, 2 books
A. W. Barrett, 2 books
E. L. Hampson, 2 books
Ernst Jessen, 2 books
Paul A. Fugazzotto, 2 books
Chapin A. Harris, 2 books
Tomes Sir John, 2 books
Sholom Pearlman, 2 books
Joseph Fox, 2 books


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