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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nicholas Sparks, 105 books
Ann B. Ross, 36 books
Margaret Maron, 35 books
Jan Karon, 18 books
Paula Graves, 16 books
Diana Gabaldon, 14 books
Patricia Cornwell, 13 books
Mark de Castrique, 13 books
Diane Chamberlain, 12 books
Joyce Lavene, 12 books
Jessica Beck, 11 books
Hart, John, 9 books
Mark De Castrique, 9 books
Kaye Gibbons, 9 books
Kathy Reichs, 9 books
Sarah Addison Allen, 9 books
Tamar Myers, 9 books
Chris Cavender, 9 books
Jane Tesh, 8 books
Elizabeth Daniels Squire, 8 books
Jude Deveraux, 8 books
Jen Calonita, 7 books
Reynolds Price, 7 books
Barbara Kingsolver, 7 books
Sharyn McCrumb, 7 books