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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur L. Benton, 12 books
Kerry deS. Hamsher, 12 books
Nils R. Varney, 12 books
Otfried Spreen, 12 books
Pierre J. Vinken, 9 books
George W. Bruyn, 9 books
Michael J. Aminoff, 5 books
Orrin Devinsky, 5 books
Porter, Roger J., 4 books
J. Allan Hobson, 4 books
Alejandro Berenstein, 4 books
Seth Love, 4 books
Pietro Mazzoni, 4 books
G Avanzini, 4 books
Peter J. Goadsby, 4 books
Simon Lovestone, 4 books
Pierre Lasjaunias, 4 books
William J. Weiner, 4 books
Palmer, 3 books
Serge Gauthier, 3 books
Jean Aicardi, 3 books
Dieter Schmidt, 3 books
Roger A. Barker, 3 books
G. Bryan Young, 3 books
Roger P. Simon, 3 books


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