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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
R.M. Clarke, 4 books
RM Clarke, 4 books
Nigel Thorley, 4 books
John Harold Haynes, 4 books
Wallace A. Wyss, 2 books
Thomas Falconer, 2 books
Jonathan Edwards, 2 books
Brian Laban, 2 books
Phil Kunz, 2 books
Bill Holder, 2 books
Gillian Bardsley, 2 books
Primedia, 2 books
Editors of Car Craft Magazine, 2 books
Mike LaVella, 2 books
Hartmut Lehbrink, 2 books
Diana E. Meredith, 2 books
Veronique Fromanger Des Cordes, 2 books
Mickey Mishne, 2 books
Henry H. Hawley, 2 books
Richard Crump, 1 book
Bryan Purves, 1 book
Paul Van Valkenburgh, 1 book
Jacques Duval, 1 book
Mike Bishop, 1 book
Mitch Frumkin, 1 book


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