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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tom Weaver, 4 books
Peter Harry Brown, 2 books
Patte B. Barham, 2 books
Jean Graton, 2 books
Philippe Defechereux, 2 books
Lee Riley, 1 book
Bette Davis, 1 book
David Fahey, 1 book
Beverly Linet, 1 book
Pat Stacy, 1 book
Gary Morecambe, 1 book
Buster Keaton, 1 book
Jeffrey Vance, 1 book
Cheryl Rogers-Barnett, 1 book
Robert Clarke, 1 book
Richard Taylor, 1 book
Sam Wellman, 1 book
John Gilmore, 1 book
Jim Clark, 1 book
Sam Rubin, 1 book
Guus Luitjters, 1 book
Gerard Timmer, 1 book
Collin Perry, 1 book
Suzanne Lloyd, 1 book
Linda Rich, 1 book


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