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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sherry London, 4 books
Sarah Hutchinson-Clifford, 3 books
Glen Coulthard, 3 books
Jack Davis, 3 books
S. Scott Zimmerman, 3 books
George Maestri, 3 books
Beverly B. Zimmerman, 3 books
Dave Cross, 2 books
Sanford Kennedy, 2 books
Annesa Hartman, 2 books
Rhoda Grossman, 2 books
Paul Webster, 2 books
Greg Simsic, 2 books
Peter Bauer, 2 books
Sean Bonney, 2 books
Perspection Inc., 2 books
Jeremy Hubbell, 2 books
Brandon Davis, 2 books
Patricia Beckmann, 2 books
Ken Sholar, 2 books
New Riders Publishing Group, 2 books
Steve Burke, 2 books
Darris Dobbs, 2 books
Preston Gralla, 2 books
Bill Fleming, 2 books


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