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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Wesley, 34 books
George Whitefield, 8 books
Jackson, Thomas, 8 books
Robert Southey, 7 books
Abel Stevens, 7 books
Thomas B. Neely, 6 books
Luke Tyerman, 5 books
Dixon, James, 5 books
Luccock, Halford Edward, 4 books
Kenneth E. Rowe, 4 books
Thomas Coke, 4 books
A. B. Hyde, 4 books
James H. Rigg, 4 books
P. Douglass Gorrie, 4 books
Thomas Goldsmith, 4 books
Fletcher, John, 4 books
Porter, James, 4 books
Taylor, Isaac, 3 books
Umphrey Lee, 3 books
Baker, Frank, 3 books
Louis Albert Banks, 3 books
Matthew Simpson, 3 books
Wheeler, Henry, 3 books
James Caughey, 3 books
Sutherland, Alexander, 3 books


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