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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Odagiri, Hideo, 1 book
Ichidō Gōda, 1 book
Ken Yabuno, 1 book
Roni Neuer, 1 book
K. Vos, 1 book
Jon Livingston, 1 book
O. R. Impey, 1 book
Oliver Impey, 1 book
Susugu Yoshida, 1 book
Malcolm Fairley, 1 book
Ken Vos, 1 book
Tetsuo Najita, 1 book
Duo Chen, 1 book
Yosaburō Takekoshi, 1 book
Kazurō Nagao, 1 book
Mitake Katsube, 1 book
J. Victor Koschmann, 1 book
Yūzō Akiyama, 1 book


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