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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tom Proulx, 6 books
Norman E. Dowling, 2 books
Barry J. Goodno, 2 books
Li Yang, 2 books
Peter Howell, 2 books
Davide Bigoni, 2 books
Barton C. Prorok, 2 books
LaVern Starman, 2 books
Ken Evans, 1 book
Isaac Elishakoff, 1 book
Jackson, Kenneth A., 1 book
Neil Bourne, 1 book
Hans Kubler, 1 book
Kenneth G. Budinski, 1 book
Marc A. Meyers, 1 book
Andrew Pytel, 1 book
Marco Rossi, 1 book
Beer, 1 book
G. E. Zaikov, 1 book
Jonas Zukas, 1 book
Russell C. Hibbeler, 1 book
Richard Hall, 1 book
Madhukar Vable, 1 book
John D. Wright, 1 book
C. Barry Carter, 1 book


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