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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ji Baek, 2 books
Jill Santopolo, 2 books
Tammy Bigan, 2 books
Betty Morgan, 1 book
Jerry J. Ahern, 1 book
Patricia Bozic, 1 book
Linda Rose, 1 book
Deborah Beatty, 1 book
Marie Mingay, 1 book
Zagorka Vasich, 1 book
A. B. Moler, 1 book
Cornelia J. Mitchell, 1 book
William A. Woodbury, 1 book
Fran Manos, 1 book
Mary Foley, 1 book
Sally Norton, 1 book
La Jill Hunt, 1 book
Jacqui Jefford, 1 book
Anne Swain, 1 book
Mercedes L. Savatoure, 1 book
Roseann Ettinger, 1 book
Gwen Renninger, 1 book
Patricia Tobler, 1 book
Wallace, Carol, 1 book
Barbara Jewett, 1 book


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