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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
D. R. Carmichael, 9 books
James Jiambalvo, 8 books
Don R. Hansen, 8 books
Ray H. Garrison, 8 books
Roger Hussey, 6 books
Eric Noreen, 6 books
Thomas P. Edmonds, 5 books
Maryanne M. Mowen, 5 books
Larry E. Rittenberg, 5 books
Dan M. Guy, 5 books
Michael W. Maher, 5 books
Bor-Yi Tsay, 5 books
Martin Benis, 5 books
David Cox, 4 books
Jerry R. Strawser, 4 books
Shahid Ansari, 4 books
Alvin A. Arens, 4 books
Jill Hussey, 4 books
Eldon L. Schafer, 3 books
Michael L. Werner, 3 books
Ronald W. Hilton, 3 books
Roman L. Weil, 3 books
Bradley J. Schwieger, 3 books
Peter Taylor, 3 books
Janice Bell, 3 books


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