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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress), 87 books
Bill Severn, 23 books
Will Goldston, 21 books
Henri Decremps, 19 books
Carlo Bosco, 16 books
Bob Longe, 14 books
Houdini, Harry, 14 books
Hoffmann Professor, 14 books
Baker, James W., 13 books
Robert Friedhoffer, 12 books
Milbourne Christopher, 11 books
Mason, Tom, 10 books
Joseph Leeming, 9 books
Chris Oxlade, 9 books
Karl Fulves, 9 books
Rose Wyler, 9 books
Geoffrey Frederick Lamb, 8 books
John Nicholls Booth, 8 books
Peter Eldin, 8 books
Jon Tremaine, 8 books
Harry Blackstone, 8 books
Wiljalba Frikell, 8 books
Martin Gardner, 7 books
Stephanie Turnbull, 7 books
Richard Kaufman, 7 books


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