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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daisy Meadows, 34 books
David A. Adler, 18 books
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, 15 books
Mercer Mayer, 10 books
James Preller, 10 books
Ben M. Baglio, 8 books
Carolyn Keene, 8 books
Franklin W. Dixon, 7 books
Ron Roy, 7 books
Scott Burroughs, 7 books
Jeanna Stolle Young, 6 books
Willem Gerrit van de Hulst sr., 6 books
Suzy Kline, 5 books
Karen Katz, 5 books
Ellen Weiss, 5 books
Golden Books, 5 books
Mick Inkpen, 4 books
Martha Freeman, 4 books
Fran Manushkin, 4 books
Lisa Campbell Ernst, 4 books
Barbara McClintock, 4 books
Susanna Natti, 4 books
Shirley Hughes, 4 books
David McKee, 4 books
Lori Mortensen, 4 books