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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thompson, John, 3 books
Scott J. Wilson, 2 books
Jason Roberts, 2 books
Phil Gross, 2 books
John Thompson, 2 books
Peter Small, 1 book
John Musser, 1 book
Bruce A. Epstein, 1 book
Cheryl Rhodes, 1 book
Vineel Shah, 1 book
Kurt Cagle, 1 book
Robert Martin, 1 book
Gary Rosenzweig, 1 book
Rich Grace, 1 book
Jonathan Bacon, 1 book
Michael Callery, 1 book
Tab Julius, 1 book
Jennifer Bennett, 1 book
Karen Tucker, 1 book
Nilson Neuschotz, 1 book
Vineel Shah, 1 book
Darrel Plant, 1 book
Tony Bove, 1 book


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