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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leslie Bethell, 15 books
Mark Wasserman, 6 books
Cheryl Martin, 5 books
Eduardo Galeano, 4 books
John Charles Chasteen, 4 books
Julie A. Charlip, 3 books
E. Bradford Burns, 3 books
Eduardo H. Galeano, 3 books
Eva Salinas, 3 books
Alfred C. Stepan, 2 books
Allan J. Kuethe, 2 books
Ian Roxborough, 2 books
John Fletcher, 2 books
Keith Haynes, 2 books
Marcos Cueto, 2 books
Thomas E. Skidmore, 2 books
John F. Bratzel, 2 books
John Lynch, 2 books
Eduardo Galeano, 2 books
Cheryl English Martin, 2 books
John Lloyd Stephens, 2 books
Steven Topik, 2 books
Lester D. Langley, 2 books
John Tutino, 2 books
Salikoko S. Mufwene, 2 books


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