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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Argentina., 12 books
Indonesia., 12 books
National Industrial Conference Board., 6 books
Weiss, Abraham, 5 books
Dorothy Knight Waddy, 4 books
Chile, 4 books
United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics., 4 books
Tommy Iseskog, 4 books
Bradden C. Backer, 4 books
Heli Raidve, 4 books
José Luiz Ferreira Prunes, 4 books
International Labour Office., 3 books
Spain., 3 books
John A. Lapp, 3 books
Ole Hasselbalch, 3 books
Walery Masewicz, 3 books
Schwarz, Walter, 3 books
Tapani Kahri, 3 books
Italy, 3 books
Pietro Ichino, 3 books
Germany, 3 books
Portugal., 3 books
Giuseppe Pera, 3 books
Austria., 3 books
B. A. Hepple, 3 books


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