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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Rosenbloom, 8 books
Phillips, Bob, 6 books
Michael Dahl, 6 books
Charles Keller, 6 books
Katy Hall, 6 books
James R. Rothaus, 4 books
Dora Wood, 4 books
Jacqueline Horsfall, 3 books
Chris Tait, 2 books
Karen Markoe, 2 books
Michael Pellowski, 2 books
Tim Archbold, 2 books
Bob Phillips, 2 books
Cole, William, 2 books
Ronny M. Cole, 2 books
Ward, Lock and Company, ltd., 1 book
Chmielewski, Gary, 1 book
Aileen Weintraub, 1 book
Erika L. Shores, 1 book
Terry Pierce, 1 book
Pam Rosenberg, 1 book
Tammi Sauer, 1 book
Tad Hills, 1 book
Alison Grambs, 1 book
Sam Schultz, 1 book


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